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Discoursing with the Beloved

A 40 Day Devotional Through the Gospel of John

by A.C. Minor

Written by one of Jesus' closest disciples, the Gospel of John gives one of the clearest and most profound understandings of who Jesus truly was to the people directly impacted by His three year ministry on earth, as well as who Jesus is to His followers today. More intimately than the three synoptic Gospels, John relates Jesus' ministry and the seven "signs" that articulate His glory and majesty as the Son of God. Further, within John's account of the life of Christ, we see the transformation of a thunderous Galilean fisherman into a beloved disciple of Jesus Christ.


Discoursing with the Beloved unpacks the Gospel of John in a touching way that everyone can enjoy. By expounding upon the Scriptures in a clear and exegetical way, it has the flavor of a commentary. However, by bring scriptures that are hundreds of years old to the forefront of the 21st century American mind, it is remarkably applicable, like a devotional.


With Subjects such as baptism, persecution, the Holy Spirit, and perseverance, Christians and non-Christians alike will glean from its pages. However, with less familiar subjects such as the temple and righteous rebuking, the reader will be challenged in their walk with the Lord and their understanding of the Scriptures. This 40 day devotional through the Gospel of John is designed to inspire you to strive towards a more intimate and genuine and joyful experience with the Savior.

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